WTA Membership

Your Key To Insider Travel Information




The Women Travel Abroad (WTA) membership is your key to be a travel insider. The membership is open to women of all ages who are interested in learning about upcoming travel retreats for women, destination details, travel discounts and ways to have a wonderful time meeting new people in new places. WTA offers women a one-of-a-kind travel experience that makes memories for a lifetime. When you become one of our WTA members you are joining a group of women who love adventure, learning and the luxury lifestyle. There are two types of membership available to you.

About WTA


WTA is a premier travel boutique pairing like-minded women travelers while providing handpicked travel destinations and retreat training opportunities to enjoy. We travel in small groups of six (6) – eight (8) women with a host leading an adventure every step of way. Women are hand-selected for our trips based on group chemistry and compatibility. Trip and travel workshops are personalized with the travelers in mind. As a premier travel boutique, Women Travel Abroad offers women: The personal touch of a friend planning your trip; The ability to meet your fellow travelers before your trip; Travel with a small intimate group of women; Adventure!

Our operations and activities are based on these core values:


We take the worry of planning an international trip out of your hands.


We book ONLY the best...EVERYTHING!


Be assured our trips are curated with OUR traveler in mind professional women of a “certain” age.